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Vintage & Modern Fishing Tackle & related items
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Vintage & Modern Fishing Tackle & related items

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Auction dates
Dec 02, 2021 10:00 AM GMT
Dec 03, 2021 10:00 AM GMT
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There are 1157 lots within this auction
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Ari T Hart Ari II Titanium Fly Reel spool line 6/7# with 100m 20lb backing, 162gms, LHW titanium
Abel USA Super 5 Fly Reel serial No 26457, 3 5/8" counterbalance spool with wood handle, Winston
Abel Sportsman Lube System complete with alloy tubes, black all temp grease/blue neatsfoot oil/
Bauer USA JMI Trout Reel LHW counter balanced 3" spool, ported frame, centre spool drag
Dutch Reels (Ari T Hart) Spring Creek Trout Fly Reel LHW counter balance spool, line 3/4/5#,
Hardy Bros Alnwick Brass Faced Perfect 3 1/8" contracted Fly Reel with ivorine handle
Hardy The Silex No 2 alloy casting reel 4 ¼" with twin ivorine handles, 3 screw latch smooth brass
C Farlow & Co Ltd Hold Fast Wide Spool Fly Reel 3 ½" with ivorine handle, 4 screw smooth brass foot,
Hardy Alnwick The Super Silex Fly Reel 3 ¾" spool twin ivorine handles, sliding latch release,
Hardy Alnwick The Perfect Duplicated Mark II Extra Wide Salmon Reel 3 3/4" spool with ivorine
Three Hardy Card Boxes for No.1 Hardex Reel, Sunbeam Reel, and one unmarked, very good condition (
Farlows London 'D' block leather reel case 4 ¾", burgundy lining, all stitching sound and original
Hardy Alnwick 'D' block leather reel case 4" x 1 ½", dark blue lining, all stitching, straps and
Farlows London 'D' block leather reel case 2 ½" x 1 ½" burgundy lining, all stitching, strap and
3x unnamed leather cases with 2 round 3 ½" and 4" approx., 1 D shape, re-purposed (3)
Hardy Alnwick The Altex No 2 Mark III Spinning Reel RHW, good bale arm, runs very well
Allcocks Plate Wind 5 pillar Brass Reel 2 ¼" spool with ivorine handle and leather case
Farlow London The Holdfast Alloy Reel 4" spool with twin handles, milled rim tensioner, 3 screw
A Carter & Co Ltd London Alloy Fly Reel 3 3/8" approx., narrow 5/8" spool with ivorine handle,
A Carter & Co Ltd London Alloy Fly Reel, 3 3/8" approx., ported spool with ivorine handle, milled
Hardy Alnwick The Alnwick Reel, 2 ¾" approx., 5 pillar reel, ivorine handle, runs smooth; Hardy
Hardy Alnwick The Conquest Trotting Reel, 4 3/16" approx. spool with twin handles, moveable line
S Allcock Redditch The Popular Alloy Centre Pin Reel 4" spool, twin handles, 1 ¼" wide, 3 screw
Ogden Smith London Alloy Fly Reel 2 ½" approx., ported spool with ivorine handle, red agate line
Wallace & Kerr Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 3" Brass Faced Fly Reel with alloy frame, 5 pillar, with
Very fine R L Winston Rod Co, USA, LT5 Carbon Fly Rod, 8'9" 5pc 5 line # 3 1/8 oz, serial No 133440,
Hardy Smuggler DeLuxe Classic Spinning Rod, 8'3" 7pc serial No IKV 176290, 13" handle, alignment
Bruce & Walker Powerlite Carbon Fly Rod, hand built in England, 7'6" 3pc 3/5 line# reel seat with
Sage GSP 370-3 Graphite 1113 Spinning Rod 7' made by Simpsons of Turnford, Herts, 2pc, 14 ¾" handle,
Hardy of Alnwick Demon Carbon Spinning Rod, 7' 3pc 7-12gms, serial No. DE 11000381, MCB and
Bruce & Walker, Hugh Falkus Hexagraph Salmon Fly Rod, 15'4" 3pc DT.F.12 line#, 30" handle, dark
J S Sharpe Ltd Spliced Split Cane Salmon Rod 14' 3pc line 10# with spare tip. One line ring needs
Hardy of Alnwick Fibalite Spinning Rod No 2, 10' 2pc tip 6" short, MCB; Hardy of Alnwick Fibalite
J S Sharpes Scotland Scottie, impregnated split cane spinning rod, 9'3" MCB; A E Rudge & Son
Hardy Alnwick Split Cane Fly Rod, 10'6" approx., 2pc tip 1 ½" short, cloth bag; J S Sharpe
Sage USA DS2 690-4 Graphite II Fly Rod, 9' 4pc line 6#, 3 7/16 oz, M Cordura sectioned tube, light
Daiwa Made in Scotland Amorphous Whisker Osprey Professional carbon fly rod river trout, 10' 2pc
Hardy Alnwick Neo Cane The Mallard Fly Rod, 10' 2pc, tip 2" approx. short, MCB
Sage USA RPL+796 Graphite III 9'6" 2pc Rod line 7#, 4 7/16oz, MCB and alloy tube
Croix Imperial Carbon Fly Rod IF9089, 9' 2pc line 8/9# fighting butt, M Cordura sectioned tube;
Daiwa made in Scotland Amorphous Whisker Osprey MKII Salmon Fly Spey Casting Special, AWF16A, 16'
Guideline Alpha Carbon Fly Rod, 9' 3pc line 5/6#, M Cordura sectioned tube, looks unused, plastic on
Orvis Silver Label TL Mid Flex 7.0 Carbon Fly Rod 9' 4pc line 9#, Ideal Pike Rod, light use,
Greys CRXi Carbon Fly Rod, 10' 3pc line 7/8# - fighting butt, missing some cork, M Cordura tube
John Norris Penrith Carbon Fly Rod 9' 3pc line 5#, Cordura sectioned tube, looks unused; Bob
Lt Col. O'Born Tenacity, Split Cane Fly Rod 9'3" approx., 2pc red agate lined butt/tip ring
Daiwa Made in Scotland Amorphous Whisker Osprey Spey Casting Special by Jim Love, 16' 3pc line 9/
Hardy Richard Walker Carp Rod, 10' 2pc 27" approx. handle, sliding reel seat, red agate butt/tip
Guideline LPXe Carbon Fly Rod, 11' 3pc line 8/9#, MCB, very light use
Guideline LPXe Carbon Salmon Fly Rod, 13' 4pc line 8/9#, down locking reel seat, light use, M
Hardy's Anglers' Guides 1929 - stepped edged edition, 1933,1937 Coronation Number 62nd 63rd and 1981
3 x Fishing Catalogues - Farlow Tackle Catalogue 75th 90th 91st editions, early 1920s/early 1930s,
4x Fishing Trade Catalogues - 2 x Foster Brothers early examples A Westley Richards rods & tackle
4 x Fishing Trade Catalogue early 1930s -1950 to include Alex Henry Co, T H Sowebutts & Son,
Fishing Trade catalogues JW Cummins of Bishop Auckland anglers' guides, 1930-1960 - 26th edition, in
Fishing trade catalogues 1930-1960 to include USA 1936 Shakespeare - slight tear to back cover -
Fishing Guides/Catalogues - Alexander Martin 1930-1960, 1934 edition has a loose cover, one is a
Fishing Guide/Catalogues - Milward's 1930s-1960s handbooks no 15, 20, 26, 1951, 53 (x2), 53
Fishing Angler Guides and trade catalogues - Allcocks 1938-1969, to include 1938 catalogue 39, 40,
Allcocks Fishing Angler Guides and trade catalogues all by Allcocks 1936-1969, to include 1936-37,