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Golf & Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle & Sporting Memorabilia
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Golf & Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle & Sporting Memorabilia

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Auction dates
Oct 06, 2021 10:00 AM BST
Oct 07, 2021 10:00 AM BST
Oct 08, 2021 10:00 AM BST
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There are 1500 lots within this auction
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5x Split Cane Fishing Rods – Redpath Co “The Tweed” 8ft 6in 2 piece, tip 3in short, suction joint
Pro-Angler Stalker Master PSM76123 Carbon Fly Rod 7ft 6in 3 piece, line 1/2# with wood insert reel
Shakespeare Aerial Hi-Modulus Carbon Fly Rod 2.10m 2 piece, line 4/5# in mcb, Leeda Quick Silver
3x Rods – Daiwa Graphite CF98-9H Trout Fly Rod 9ft 2 piece, line 5/7# made in Scotland, in cloth
Hardy Bros Fibalite Perfection 10ft 6in 2 Piece Rod line 7/8#, showing signs of very light use
2x Carbon Fly Rods – Marado Axis-F AXF902 9ft 2 piece, line 6#, with an Aiken handmade 9ft 2 piece
Daiwa Carbon 96 C96 fly Rod 9ft 6in 2 piece, line 7#, together with an Aiken Gloucestershire Fly
Hardy Bros Fibalite Perfection 9ft 6in 2 piece rod line 6/7# in need of attention with non-
Shakespeare Quo Heavy Feeder 1861-360 Rod 3.6m 3 piece with 2 medium / heavy glass tips, in mcb,
3x Rods – Edgar Sealey 13ft 2 Piece Glass Float Rod in mcb, with a Shakespeare Europa Match 1819-300
Leeda 2XL 12ft 3 Piece Carp Rod appears unused in mcb, with the Specialist Method Master 12ft 2
Shimano Hyperloop Barbel Power 12ft 2 Piece Rod with spare tip, appears unused, with an Abu Carbon
3x Various Rods – Aurora 12+ Fish Super Glass 7ft 2 piece, line 12lb to 20lb, appears unused, Ron
c1900s Greenheart 12ft 6in 3 Piece Fly Rod overall restored example that displays well, in cloth
3x Spinning Rods – Abu 325 6ft 3 piece in mcb, F T Williams, England The Craftsman split cane 7ft
Hardy Split Cane Spinning Rod 10ft 2 piece with cloth bag, Sportex, Sheffield 10ft 6in 3 piece float
3x Unnamed Split Cane Spinning Rods incl 2x 10ft 2 piece with agate lined butt and tip rings, 28”
J McCubbin Greenheart Fly Rod 13ft 3 piece with brass fittings and drop line rings, with another
Hardy Split Cane Salmon Rod 12ft 3 piece with brass fittings, red agate lined butt and tip rings,
2x Old School Roger Surgay limited edition Signature Series 12ft Carp rods 2pc, ltd edition only 250
Wychwood Barbel Rogue 12ft rod 2pc 1.5lb test curve, appears unused, plastic on handle with mcb
2x Mythos H D Feeder 12ft carbon rods 3pc with spare tip, both appear unused with plastic wrap on
Greys GS2 carbon fly rod 10ft 4pc line 4# in mcb with plastic tube, tip shortened, plus an unnamed
Shimano Alivio Barbel Classic 18ft rod 3pc, 3 tips 1oz/2oz/3oz, with light use, in mcb
Foster Bros, Ashbourne “The Border” Split Cane Salmon Fly Rod 13ft 5in with agate lined butt and tip
G Gibbs 10ft 2in Split Cane Fly Rod G Gibbs sold rods from the 1920s but were not manufacturers of
2x Hardy Split Cane Rods – “The Upstream” 11ft 3in no. G21449, tip is broken and missing, in mcb,
Foster Bros Split Cane Rod 8ft 7in 2 piece, no H67965, agate lined butt and tip rings, with a
Fosters, Ashbourne “The Acme” Split Cane Fly Rod 9ft 6in 2 piece with butt extension, red agate butt
Fosters, Ashbourne “The Ideal” Split Cane Spinning Rod 9ft 7in 2 piece, with 24” handle, sliding
J B Walker Richard Walker Mark IV Avon Split Cane Rod 10ft 2 piece, with red agate lined butt and
Alex Martin “The Scotia” ASplit Cane Fly Rod 10ft 6in 3 piece, with red agate lined butt and tip
Hardy “The Pope” Split Cane Fly Rod 10ft 2 piece, tip 4in short, in cloth bag
Masterline John Wilson Specialist SP110 Carbon Rod 11ft 3 piece, in mcb, together with Tony
3x Fishing Rods – unnamed 15ft 3 piece match rod with agate lined butt / tip rings, with a Anthont
4x Split Cane Spinning Rods – Allcocks 9ft 3 piece, all rings red agate lined, one needing
2x Sea Demon Boat Rods – 7ft 4 piece with Fladen Warbird ball bearing reel and 30lb 6ft 6in 2 piece,
Daiwa Kevin Nash Whisker Dictator Kevlar Carp Rod 12ft 2 piece with 2 ¼ test curve, with a Fusion
3x Various Rods – Daiwa Carbon Seahunters Supreme Uptide 9ft 6in 2 piece, Wychwood Reaction 12ft 2
Bruce & Walker B James & Sons 12ft Float Rod 3 piece with 28in handle with sliding reel seat in mcb,
Daiwa Sensor Match Graphite SGEM-13 13ft 3 Piece Rod with lined butt / tip ring in mcb, together
Milbro Paragon Hollow Glass 10ft 2 Piece Float Rod with red agate butt and tip ring, with light use,
3x Various Rods – Shimano Hyperloop Barbel XT 12ft 2 piece, Edgar Sealey 12ft 3 piece, tip approx.
2x DAM Fighter Match 3m 3 piece Match Rods both appear unused in cloth bags (2)
Fine Legend 90588 3.6m 2 piece Pike Rod 40-120gm, appears unused with plastic to handle, in mcb,
4x Various Spinning Rods – Shakespeare Ladyfish Medium Action 5ft 6in 2 piece, 6-12lb line, Crossbow
6x Assorted Telescopic Rods – Grauvell 1.8m 3 section 40-50grm, FTD 300 3mt 6 section cw100-300g and
Shakespeare Supra Spin 1500-210 2.1m 2 Piece Rod with Silstar C2-665P graphite Spin 6ft 6in 2
2x Shimano Scabard SR-66MB2 6ft 6in Spinning Rods line weight 6-14lb, medium fast action, one
3x Various Spinning Rods – Roddy hollow glass 8ft 2 piece, Army & Navy Stores Ltd “The Eden” 10ft
4x Various Fly Rods – Nielson carbon 10ft 3 piece, line 6/7# with some light use, Fibatube,
DAM Pro Fly Carbon 10ft 2 Piece Fly Rod line 8/9#, appears unused with plastic on handle in mcb,
4x Various Rods – Peter Ros? split cane 9ft 6in 3 piece, spare tip 10” short, Horrocks Ibbotson, New
4x Fly Rods – Silver Stream 8ft 3 piece, line 5/6# with composite handle, with light use, Fluf
J W Martins Westerly 10ft 2 Piece Fly Rod with Patakee Morton glass 8ft 6in 2 piece fly rod, line
3x Carbon Fly Rods – Greys Oracle 9ft 6in 2 piece, line 7/8# and a Shakespeare Sigma Supra 1725-
3x Carbon Fly Rods – Orvis Streamline 9ft 4 piece, line 8# with very light use, Shakespeare
Airflo Delta Plus Carbon 7ft 3 Piece Fly Rod line 3/4# with very light use, with a Keeper carbon
Assorted Rods Selection (5) – Royal Seal Brand Flectes Non Frangas glass 10ft 6in 3 piece float rod,
Bob Church, Northampton Canvas and Leather Should Bag with large pocket with detachable line, 2x