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Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle and Collectables; Historical Documents and Indian Ephemera
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle and Collectables; Historical Documents and Indian Ephemera

Day 1: Lots 1 to 496 Day 2: Lots 497 to 1137

Auction dates
Oct 29, 2020 10:00 AM GMT
Oct 30, 2020 10:00 AM GMT
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We found 872 items matching your search
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Mixed Selection of Fly Reels (7) including 3x Daiwa reels F240^ 809 and 231^ Olympic 4340^ Twin Fish
4x Centre Pin Fishing Reels including Lewtham Products The ‘Leeds’ Reel^ movement slightly tight
2x Mordex twin handle Centre Pin Reels The Mentor and The Meteor^ together with a Milwards Flymaster
5x Assorted Fly Reels including Grice and Young ‘Agila’ reel^ 2x Edgar Sealey reels; Flyman and
3x Modern Fly Fishing Reels including Shina Fly Axle 100-II^ Vetran G209 #8/9^ and a Flextec
3x Shakespeare 3 ½” Centrepin Fly Fishing Reels Worcestershire Fly Model 2628^ Glider 2752 and
2x Shakespeare Centrepin Reels including Eagle 2900 400 with box and line guard^ plus Black Eagle
3x Shakespeare boxed Fly Reels including Summit reels x2^ 2685 and 2686 and Zenith 2530^ all boxed
4x Shakespeare Fly Fishing Reels including 3 5/8” Omni 2659 7/8^ 3 ½” Graflite 2755 and 2754
4x Shakespeare mixed Fly Fishing Reels including 2x 3 ½” Condex reels in green^ one narrow drum
3x Shakespeare Fly Fishing Reels 3 ¼” Worcestershire Fly Model 2626^ grey finish with line guard^
2x Shakespeare 4 ¼” Beaulite Salmon Fly Fishing Reel including wide drum with spare spoon^ all in
4x Shakespeare assorted Fly Reels including 4 ¼” Condex with wide drum in green finish^ 2x 4 ¼”
2x Shakespeare Auto Fly Reels models 1821 in used condition and 1826 in good used condition with
3x Modern Centrepin Fly Reels Heron 3 ¼” ventilated with skeleton frame with rear drag adjuster^
Mixed Selected of Fly Fishing Reels and Spools including Shakespeare Beaulite and Fish Hawk^ 2x
Shimano Twin Power 4000 XTR Reel and Spare Spool in two tone grey colour^ RHW^ good movement with
4x Mixed Mitchell Spinning Reels including 300A^ 304^ 321 and 410A^ with 3 spare cased spools. (7)
6x Assorted Spinning Reels including Daiwa No. 7250RL^ Winfield Young Angler II^ Morritt’s
Abu 506 Closed Face Reels (3) with 2 spare spools^ all in used conditions with signs of use^ one
Abu Delta 3 alloy trout fly reel with quick release drum^ together with an Abu closed face reel with
Venables^ Bernard – The illustrated Memoirs of a Fisherman^ 1993 1st edition with another A Rise
Bates^ Joseph – Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing^ 1970 1st edition^ together with Bates^ J;
Bickerdyke^ J – Letter to Sea Fishers^ 1902^ 2nd edition revised^ illustrated with original blue
Walker^ R – Walkers Pitch^ 1966 2nd edition^ together with Dick Walkers Trout Fishing^ 1982 1st
Ashley-Cooper^ J – A Salmon Fishers Odyssey^ 1982 1st edition signed by author^ illustrated with 7
Todd^ E M – Wet Fly Fishing Treated Methodically^ London 1903 1st edition^ frontis and 10
Lambert^ S W – When Mr Pickwick Went Fishing^ published by the Brick Row Bookshop^ 1924 1st edition^
Holcombe^ F D – Sea Fishing Simplified^ c1920^ illustrated adverts^ original front paper cover
Turing^ H D – Where to Fish^ c1931^ published by the Field^ containing coloured plates of flies with
Calabi^ Silvio – Antique Fishing Tackle^ 1989 with coloured plates^ together with Frazer^ P D;
Walton^ The Complete Angler 1877 published by Elliott Stock^ being a facsimile of the 1653 1st
Francis Francis – A Book on Angling^ 1920^ with coloured plates of salmon flies with other
Hills^ John Waller – A History of Fly Fishing for Trout^ London 1921 (1st state with Errata slip)^
Fishing Book Selection including^ Red Spinner; A Mixed Bag 1893^ Harmsworht; A Little Fishing
Caine^ William – Fish^ Fishing and Fishermen^ London 1927 1st edition^ frontis plate^ in good
Marinaro^ Vincent – in the Ring of the Rise^ New York 1976^ illustrated with dust wrapper^
Herd^ Andrew – Angling Giants^ A Collection of Angling Biographies^ 2010 1st edition^ signed by
Ensom^ E – Roach and Dace Fishing^ 1953^ 6 plates and 34 line drawings^ having dust wrapper^
Salmon Fishing Book selection – including Balfour-Kinnear; Fly Salmon^ 1937^ 1st edition^ 8
Armistead^ J J – An Anglers Paradise and How to Obtain It^ 1895 1st edition^ illustrated^ in
Salmon Fishing Book Selection – including Rishyni R V; Salmon Taking Times^ 1965 1st edition with
Fishing Rod Related Books – including Morris; The Custom Graphite Fly Rod^ 1989^ Wilson; The Fly-
Fishing Book Selection – including Fresh-Water Fish and Fishing in Africa^ 1963^ Howes Freshwater
Fishing Book Selection – including Hampton on Pike Fishing^ Furzer^ B; Trout Fishing and 7 other
Fishing Book Selection – including Harris; The Art of Fly Fishing^ Bailey; Stillwater Trout
Fishing Book Selection – including Mundie; Game Fishing^ 1978^ McKelvie; Flyfishing for Salmon and 8
Fishing Book Selection – including Heacox; The Compleat Brown Trout^ Anglers Mail 1981 and 10
2x Modern Fly Reels – Redington GD 5/6 3 ¼” fly reel with counterbalanced handle^ quick release drum
2x Modern Fly Reels – Caps Classic Trout 3 1/8” reel^ in gun metal finish with brass foot^ rim
Lamson LP – 2 3 1/8” Ventilated Fly Reel black finished^ rear drag adjuster^ moves freely^ light
2x Shakespeare Magnesium Alloy Fly Reels including International 2851 3” with backplate tension
Ken Sawada Sussex Salmon I 4” Fly Reel^ ventilated reel with skeleton back^ rear drag adjust^
Allcock Stanley Reel and Farlow’s Serpent Reel (2): Threadline spinning reel with brass spool^
Arthur Allan of Glasgow Patent Spinet Threading Reel^ left hand wind^ in black finish with exposed
2x Pfleuger Fishing Reels; Pflueger Pakron No 3178 single action deep trolling reel with counter
Orvis Rocky Mountain Fly Reel large Arbor II 3/4 in green finish with rear tensioner^ in maker’s box
Orvis Rocky Mountain Fly Reel large Arbor III in green finish with rear tensioner in padded maker’
Orvis Battenkill Disc 5/6 alloy Fly Reel counterbalance handle^ twin line guide^ rear tensioner^
Orvis C F O IV 3 1/8” trout fly reel with green finish perforated body^ smooth foot^ U shape line