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Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle and Collectables; Historical Documents and Indian Ephemera
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle and Collectables; Historical Documents and Indian Ephemera

Day 1: Lots 1 to 496 Day 2: Lots 497 to 1137

Auction dates
Oct 29, 2020 10:00 AM GMT
Oct 30, 2020 10:00 AM GMT
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There are 1169 lots within this auction
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
2x Extendable Landing Nets to include a Leeda example handle measuring 64cm extended^ head
3x Fishing Prints depicting Galway Sea Trout^ Salmon and Grisle or Young Salmon^ all framed^
Selection of Dressed Gut Eyed Salmon Flies with frames measuring 45x30cm includes 65 examples^
2x Leather Shooting Sticks measuring approx. 84cm
Wicker Pot Bellied Fishing Creel measures 37x27x25cm approx. plus a French weave style creel
Small Wooden Cabinet with 6x Drawers and Fishing Accessories measures 32x27x46cm approx.^ repair
Quantity of Various Fishing Tackle Accessories to include a compartmental storage cabinet with
Hardy Bros ‘The Altex’ No 3 Mk V fixed spool reel LHW^ folding handle^ some signs of use^ winds well
Hardy Bros ‘The Altex’ No 2 Mk V fixed spool reel RHW^ folding handle^ some signs of wear^ runs
Hardy Bros Alnwick ‘The Uniqua’ 3 1/8” alloy trout fly reel stamped W.S internally^ ribbed brass
Hardy Bros England ‘The Perfect’ 3 1/8” alloy trout fly reel agate line guide cracked^ heavy wear^
Hardy Bros England ‘The Marquis’ #7 multiplying reel smooth alloy foot^ appears with signs of use^
Hardy Spare Spools include 2x 3 1/8” plus a St George 3 1/4” spool^ all in boxes^ plus The Gem fly
Shakespeare 3 ½” Speedex trout fly reel plus another Shakespeare 3 ½” fly reel with quick release
J W Young & Son ‘Beaudex’ 4” fly reels to include a wide drum black mottled finish^ wire line guide^
J W Young & Son ‘Beaudex’ 3 ½” fly reel in smooth black finish^ square line guide^ plus a 3” Beaudex
J W Young & Son Fly Reels to include Condex 3 ¾” in black^ a 3 1/2” Condex in green (heavy wear)^
J W Young & Son Pridex Reel Selection to include 3 ½” wide drum^ smooth finish^ plus 3 3/8” reel
J Bernard & Son Pall Mall 2 7/8” alloy fly reels includes two examples^ one with crack and repair to
Selection of Brass and Alloy Unnamed fishing reels the largest measuring 3” plate wind with replaced
Selection of Various Fixed Spool Reels to include Le Super Omnia^ JW Young & Son The Ambidex six^
Selection of Mixed Fishing Reels to include Sharpe’s of Aberdeen ‘The Gordon’ 4” alloy reel with
ABU Ambassadeur 6000C multiplying Reel in black^ damage to paintwork throughout^ runs well^ plus ABU
Hardy Bros Extending Landing Net handle measures 93cm when extended^ Y shaped net measures 40cm
Assorted Selection of Devon Minnow Spinners in various sizes and colours^ predominantly 2.5” and 3”^
Shakespeare 1940 Meter-Reel multiplier model HD appears with signs of use^ runs smooth together with
Pflueger 510 Supreme multiplier reel looks almost unused^ in good clean condition^ with case and
ABU Cardinal 40 fixed spool reel in blue^ left hand wind^ runs smooth^ with box (poor)^ together
Selection of Fishing Accessories to include various lures and trebles^ dead bait^ spoons^ a
Large Quantity of Various Fishing Fly Tying Feathers and Material mostly within packets^ some loose^
Mixed Selection of Fishing Accessories to include Wheatley fly tins^ smaller alloy fly tins^ one
Assorted Selection of Fishing Accessories consisting of compartmental cases^ hooks^ lures^ thread^
Assorted Fishing Flies and Feathers and Accessories includes a varied selection with boxes^ wallets^
Assorted Selection of Fishing Fly Feathers and Fly Tying tools including mostly loose feathers and
Selection of Fishing Line includes Airflo DT-5-F lough line^ other boxes include WF-7-MI^ 7ST-WF5F-
Assorted Fishing Fly Tying Accessories to include a varied selection of feathers^ hooks^ selection
Selection of Empty 12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridges/Cases in plastic^ most if not all with Eley primers
Selection of Empty 12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridges/Cases with card cases most with ‘Eley/Special
Ammunition - Quantity of Plastic Shotshells and Fibre Wads black and clear examples (100s)
Quantity of Shotshells/Primed Cases – Ammunition - all empty cases/shells includes 38^ 76 and 78
Quantity of Various Shotshells/Primed Cases – Ammunition - to include 38 centre fire cartridges (
2x Cases of CCI 550 small pistol Magnum primers (200)^ plus 900 CCI 400 small rifle primers boxed
Assorted Selection of Rifle and Gun Accessories mainly cleaning equipment^ rods^ brushes etc^
Selection of Ammunition Reloading Equipment/Accessories to include a Lee Load All^ RCBS Uniflow
Selection of Smokeless Powder to include IMR 4895 (almost full)^ Hercules 2400 (half full)^
Brady canvas and leather 20g Cartridge Belt size L measures 42” in length^ with another unnamed belt
2x Leather Cartridge Belts to include an unnamed belt measuring 49” in length approx.^ plus
Selection of various Cartridge Belts no names or details marked to the belts^ lengths include 47”^
Small leather Shoulder Pouch with T K W to the front^ plus 3x pistol holsters and a small leather
3x Gun/Rifle Canvas slip case/bags varying styles^ straps etc^ measuring 105cm^ 115 and 125cm
3x Gun/Rifle slip case/bags one leather measuring 120cm approx.^ 2x fabric bags measuring 120cm
E J Churchill Gunmaker’s Ltd London Leather Gun Case ‘The VC Guncase’ labels internally^ with five
Large Gun Safe/Cabinet with space for 14x guns^ ammunition safe included^ with all keys
Selection of Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Rods various brush ends^ separate handles etc
Edgar Sealey Float Rods (3) to include Edgar Sealey Black Arrow 10ft Float Rod 2 piece^ with cork
Hardy Bros Matchmaker 13ft Glass Fibre Course Rod 3 piece 396cm above cork handle^ appears in good
Fibatube Self Assembly No3 Trout Fly Rod 6ft 1in glass fibre 2 piece^ cork handle^ nice clean rod^
S A Gray ‘The Ulverston’ Fibalite handmade Float Rod 11ft 2 piece fitted with fuji style line
Shakespeare Rods (2) to include Professional Fly 9ft 3in carbon 2 piece rod 6-7in very good
Pateke Morton 10ft #7/8 fibreglass fly rod with detachable cork handle^ Shakespeare cloth bag^