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Golf and Sport Memorabilia - Two Day Auction
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Golf and Sport Memorabilia - Two Day Auction

Auction dates
Jan 27, 2021 10:00 AM GMT
Jan 28, 2021 10:00 AM GMT
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There are 1151 lots within this auction
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We have chosen not to publish our results. Please contact us directly for any enquiries.
Hugh Glosby Peerless US Patent Office Brassie: light stained persimmon Bulldog style drop toed
George Wright Patent large head brassie with unusual patent 5” plastic sleeve – fitted with
Martin & Patrick: “Sovereign Patent Applied Light Stained Driver” brassie with triangular fibre
Rare Cosby patent driver: with patent split cane shaft with decorative woven neck whipping one piece
R D Pryde Pat Appl’d 1923 Bulger face socket neck driver: with unusual crown rear inlaid brass
H L Curtis Bournemouth patent brassie: with central horn insert retained by 12 wooden plugs with
Fine W Park Patent Compressed head heavily bulged scare neck driver – with good makers oval stamp
Extremely rare Ramsbottom Manchester Patent Alloy bulger claw neck driver – with inlaid dovetailed
James Bradbeer “Peggy” patent brassie – featuring 3x rows of 5 metal screws to the face – replaced
Claude Johnson Patent beech wood circular head bulger driver c1893 - featuring brass socket hosel
Standard Golf Co Mills MSD1 Model fairway alloy lofted wood - fitted with full length thick hide
Rare and unusual centre shaft Torpedo shaped driver – socket bore thro head with half brass sole
Standard Golf Co Mills Duplex RL2 alloy wood – good hosel c/w makers shaft stamp below the full
Interesting Dunn Pat one piece hickory driver (1897-1904) showing the Rampant Lion Mark, B.G.I. Co
W Park Musselburgh Pat Compressed scare neck driver – with leather face insert, 3x circular rear
W Park Musselburgh Pat Compressed light golden scare neck driver – with leather face insert, 3x
Rare W Dunn & Son One Piece Driver c1897 with aluminium sole insert and rear lead weighting, with
Fine Wm Park light stained persimmon scare neck short driver – fine diamond pattern face markings
Interesting unnamed One piece hickory driver c1900 – fitted with original hide grip overall length
R Forgan & Son St Andrews Bulldog baffy with triangular fibre face insert and full brass wrap over
Scarce Springvale Bramble golf ball advertising coloured postcard -titled “The Kite-where did it
Collection of early comic and humorous golfing postcards from c1904 to 1926 (34) – incl Fred
Collection of comic and humorous golfing postcards from c1905 (27) – incl Tron, Fred Buchanan, Tom
Collection of early comic and humorous golfing postcards c1903 to 1930s (28) – incl Reg Carter, L
Collection of early glamour golfing postcards, mostly American (12) – incl D Hillson, Archie Gunn,
Collection of 12x Golfer postcards – mostly early examples, many photo examples with posed and
Collection of Crombie ‘The Rules of Golf’ Series postcards (20) – most postally used with
14x Bonzo Series golf postcards – 4 postally used examples plus a pullout example with views of
Mixed golf ball advertising postcards (12) – incl 10 The North British Rubber Co Ltd examples, 4
Collection of 46x early assorted women golfer real photo postcards – various poses and designs
Large collection of early golfing humour postcards (48) – incl Golf Hints by Raphael Tuck & Sons,
Collection of 25 early golfing humour postcards – incl Herriot Golf Series, Reliable Series, John
Selection of early American glamour golfing postcards (30) – incl Earl Christy, Schlesinger Bros,
Group of mixed early romance related golfing postcards (17)– incl London opinion, National Series,
Collection of 19 early glamour golfing postcards – incl Archie Gunn, John Henderson & Sons,
Collection of 27 early humour golfing postcards – mostly c1900s to 1930s with Ewart Misgrove,
15 Mabel Lucie Atwell golfing design postcards – incl a Pullout example for Portstewart, 12 postally
Golfing postcard Selection (16) – to include 6 cards from Langsdorff & Co Series 718 with 4 from
Collection of golfing related postcards for Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland (12) – mainly humour
Selection of early children golfing related postcards (8) – incl photo examples, 4 postally used,
Early Marcus Ward golfing postcards (8) – published by McCaw Stevenson & Orr Ltd, all postally used,
Collection early Cynicus golfing postcards (9) – 7 postally used Northern Island and Scottish
Selection of mixed child humour golfing postcards (21) – most with Vera Paterson designs plus 2x Ray
Selection of early Pullout golfing postcards (12) – various postcards with souvenir images with
4x Guinness golfing advertising postcards – with artworks by Bateman, printed by Alex Thom & Co Ltd,
Selection of mixed child humour golfing postcards (17) – incl designs by Tully, Tempest Maurice, A
Collection of assorted golfing animal postcards (19) – with some humorous examples, incl Raphael
Collection of assorted Birthday, Valentine, New Years and other golfing related postcards (14) –
Mixed selection of women design golfing postcards (29) – incl National Art Company, C.H. Barber,
Small selection of Lawson Wood golfing postcards (6) – titled ‘The 19th Hole’, ‘Tough Nuts’, ‘It’s a
Collection of Scottish, Irish and Welsh humour related golfing postcards (14) – incl designs by L
Collection of 20x c1920s to 1950s humour golfing related postcards – incl The Regent Publishing,
Selection of golfing naughty, seaside comic and humour postcards (32) – mostly by Bamforth & Co Ltd,
23x golfing postcards, mainly humour themed – incl Fred Spurgin, Spatz, Colbourne, Donald McGill,
Set of 12x Jane Heart ‘Golfing Humour’ postcards – printed by Amber postcards, all in good unused
Selection of early humour golfing postcards (24)– incl Roy Maurice, H Cowham, Raphael Tuck & Sons,
Selection of child and humour related golfing postcards (26) – incl Batch, Brian White, Henry,
Collection of assorted golfing postcards (22) – mostly humour related incl Lederer, Lawson Wood, Reg
Selection of humour golfing postcards (29) – incl Harold Beards, Reg Carter, Donal McGill, and
4x “Post Card Albums” lever arch style albums – each with approx 20 sleeves to hold 80 postcards