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Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables
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The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables


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Starts: Jul 31, 2020 01:00 PM BST
Ends from: Aug 09, 2020 12:30 PM BST
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India - Attack by an English Brigade on a Tribe of Thugs entrenched in Idehranamabad scarce
India - Procession of a Rajah in Bengal original engraving 1857 after a painting by Evremond de
India - Two engravings after paintings by Berard The Abolutions on the Banks of the Ganges and
India - Two engravings Fete du Moharrem and Indian Dancers 1857 published in French periodical^
India - The Visit of the Cesarewitch to India original advertisement 1891 published in a
India - Calcutta - Three 19th Century views of Calcutta to include Fort William sketched from the
India - Benares - Street in Benares 1875 from a sketch by a special artist^ probably W. Simpson
India - Lucknow - Two original engravings 'Lucknow The Capital of Oude 1856 and Lucknow from the
India & Punjab - Soldats et Officers de L'Armee des Indes original French engraving 1858 after a
India & Punjab - Seepee Fair^ Near Simla in the Himalayas original engraving from a sketch by
India - Arrah - Kor Sing 'The Rebel of Arrah' and his attendants original engraving 1857 laid to
India & Punjab - Rattrays Sikhs photographic illustration depicts a colour party of the 45th Sikhs
India - The Princes of Oude and Suite original engraving 1857 shows the eldest son and heir to the
India - The Eldest Son of the King of Delhi^ His Treasurer and Physician original engraving 1857
India - The Bazaar Oodipoor Rajpootana original engraving 1858 from a drawing by W. Carpenter with
India & Punjab - Two original engravings by W. Carpenter Shah Hamadan's Musjid^ Cashmere 1858
India - A Hindoo Fair original engraving 1858 probably after W. Carpenter 36x25cm laid to card
India & Punjab - Two original engravings after W. Carpenter 'A Hindoo Fair in Cashmere' 1858 and A
India - The Main Street of Agra original engraving 1858 probably after W. Carpenter with a brief
India - Perils of Dawk Travelling in India two original engravings and text 1858 'Appearance of a
India - Le Roi Des Jungles (King of the Jungle) original engraving after painting by Bouverie
India - Pachyderms at Play The Bathing Season at the Zoo original large engraving published Sept
c1960s Great Britain Was Hindu Land Booklet By P. N. Oak Purushottam Nagesh Oak [1917-2007] was an
1920 An Eastern Library By V. C. Scott O’Connor with two catalogues of its Persian and Arabic
In The C. P. Or^ Sketches In Prose & In Verse Descriptive Of Scenes And Manners In The Central
1903 The Autobiography of William Simpson^ R.I. Book (Crimean Simpson) Edited by George Eyre-Todd
1838 The Chace^ The Turf^ And The Road [Unrecorded Calcutta pirated edition of 1838] By Nimrod
Rory O’More – A National Romance Book [Pirated Calcutta edition of 1837] By Samuel Lover Three
1886 A Juvenile History Of Charkhari Book by a Native Servant of the State^ By J. P. T. The
India – MK Gandhi Hand Written Letter to Prabhudas Chhaganlal Gandhi grandson of Gandhiji’s
India & Punjab – Sikh Officer of Jind State Cabinet Card A fine original antique very large
India & Punjab – Maharajah Ranjit Singh Lithograph a fine large rare vintage lithograph of the
India - The battle of Moodkee Sikh wars original steel engraving c1850s Major General mortally
India - General Allard of the Sikh army of Lahore - French lithograph depicting Maharajas Ranjit
India - Early Map of Maharaja Ranjit Singhs dominions - Showing the boundaries of the Sikh empire
India - Collection of 4x original British Indian army Cigarette cards showing Sikh regiments
India – WWI Original postcard showing Sikhs charging a German trench during c1914
India - 19th century steel engraving showing Ranjit Singh and his cavalcade of Sikhs c1825 mounted
India - 19th century engraving showing the holiest Sikh shrine the Golden temple^ Amritsar Punjab.
India – Rare^ finely carved ivory figure on wooden base Mahatma Gandhi with his iconic stick^
India - c1860 Eight steel engravings depicting various scenes such as Sir Charles Napier Pursuing
India - c1860 Fourteen steel engravings depicting various scenes such as Exterior of Hindoo
India - 1909 Marrying Dolls: A Mimic Wedding in the Zenana engraving India ladies conducting a
India - With Hunter's Little Army at Fourteen Streams engraving Indian grooms round their Camp
India - India's Loyalty print 1916 drawn by Lionel Edwards^ measures 28x40cm
India - 1899 A Frontier Episode: A Gallant Sowar saves an Officer from a Waziri Ambush engraving
Fine Indian Miniature painting gouache on ivorine 19th century depicts a prince with four female
Fine Indian Miniature painting gouache on ivorine 19th century depicts a large gathering within
India – C1960s Sari in Silk beautifully designed featuring heart shaped designs^ with golden