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Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables
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The Old Shippon
Wall Under Heywood
CHURCH STRETTON, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables


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Starts: Jul 31, 2020 01:00 PM BST
Ends from: Aug 09, 2020 12:30 PM BST
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China - 1843 Cotton Plantations at Ningo-po coloured engraving drawn by T. Allom measures 25x20cm
China - 1843 Porcelain Tower Nanking coloured engraving drawn y T. Allom measures 25x20cm approx
China - 1843 Entrance into the City of Amoy colour engraving drawn by T. Allom measures 25x20cm
China - 1843 Entrance of the Hoang-ho^ or Yellow River colour engraving drawn by T. Allom measures
China - 1843 Termination of the Great Wall of China - Gulf of Pechcli colour engraving drawn by T
China - Coloured Map of Siberia and Chinese Tartary by Piadisehev-J. Arrowsmith published by the
China - English Officers Selling Looted Goods^ Taken from Chinese illustration after a sketch by
Australia - Map of Australia by L. Dossieux (France) after Stieler and Petermann c1865 26x21cm
Australia - Sketches in Australia includes 6x engravings from the Illustrated London News 1863
New Zealand - Six original woodblocks from the Illustrated London News^ Auckland from the New
New Zealand - Sketches from the New Zealand Goldfields 1863 four original illustrations from the
New Zealand - The War in New Zealand original woodblock prints from the Illustrated London News to
New Zealand - Four original engravings from the Illustrated London News/Graphic - Panoramic View
USA - Anthropology - Primitive travel and Transportation by Otis Tufton Mason^ ex. Smithonian
USA - Anthropology - Works by Otis T Mason North American Bows^ Arrows and Quivers 1893 49pp and
USA - Anthropology - Works by Otis T Mason Aboriginal American Harpoons: a study of ethnic
USA Maps - US Coast and Geodetic Survey Sketch of General Progress 30 June 1900^ 2 map^ Eastern
USA Map - 1881 Progress Map of the US Geographical Survey-West of the 100th Meridian to accompany
USA Map - Oblique Boundary Between California and Nevada - Lake Tahac to Colorado Rivers with
Alaska Map - Exploration in Alaska 1899 topography by W.J. Peters 1 to 10 miles 49"x32.75" plus
West Africa Military - Photograph of an N.C.O in the West African Frontier Force Mounted Infantry
South Africa - Report on the Outbreak of the Rebellion and the Policy of the Government with
Illustrated Magazine 'Four Reigns' original advertising poster for the weekly issue published 14
Shipping - Menu Card of the Princesse Alice II oceanographic research ship of Prince Albert I of
Shipping - Map Tracks for Full Powered Steam Vessels - Department of the Navy-Bureau of Navigation
India - A Sikh Warrior and His Camel - Front Cover of Army & Navy Illustrated Magazine Dec 1914
India - Akalis Tower at Umritzer original engraving 1858 from a drawing by W Carpenter measures
India & Punjab - With The Tochi Valley Field Force: In Camp At Miran Shah original engraving drawn
India & Punjab - The Expedition Against the Bunerwals: The 1st Brigade Fording A Branch of the
India & Punjab - The Expedition Against the Bunerwals two original illustrations after W.T. Maud
India & Punjab - A Night Picket Going on Duty original illustration 1898 by J. Nash R.I. shows the
Burma / Sikh - The New Burma Regiments original engravings Gooroo Swearing In A Sikh Recruit and
Burma / Sikh - The New Regiments for Service in Burma original engravings Mounted Infantry Company
Burma / Sikh - The New Regiments for Service in Burma original engravings Physical Training With
India - The Horses Morning Bath at Calcutta original woodblock engraving 1868 35x25cm to card
India - Bombay - Three original engravings 1875 to include Religious Service of the Jainas Bombay^
India - Two original engravings to include Rustic scene and Village Life in Bengal 1875^ Dancing
India - The Nucki-Ka-Koosti or Boxing Match at Baroda original engraving 1875 24x17cm laid to card
India - Buddhist Rock-Cut Temple^ Ajunta 1876 original engraving with text information to reverse^
India - The Kailas in the Cave Temples of Ellora original Engraving 1876 by William Simpson
India - Nepal - Two original engravings Hunting a Wild Elephant 34x25cm and Royal Party Chased by
India - Nepal - The Prince of Wales Elephant Charged by a Tiger original double page engraving
India - Tombs of the Gond Rajahs^ Chanda^ Central India original engraving 1875 32x23cm laid to
India - Ganesa a Hindoo Idol and Nandi the Sacred Bull of Siva original engravings 1858 from
India - Palace of Tanjore from a drawing by T.J. Rawlins 1858 and Gateway Leading into the Palace
India - Himalayas -Traveling Lamas at Darjeeling and Buddhist Priests at Darjeeling original
India - Sketches of Native Life in India original page from an Illustrated journal 1853 with
India - The Thugs (Stranglers) of India original engraving 1857 after a painting by August