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Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables
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The Clive Pavilion, Ludlow Racecourse
Brimfield, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera, Film Posters, Toys and Collectables


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Jul 02, 2020 10:00 AM BST
Jul 03, 2020 10:00 AM BST
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India – Maharaja Nripendra Narayan 1862-1911 'Cuch Behar' Vanity Fair Colour Print 1901 measures
India - c1900 The Yule Log in India - Bringing in the Ice colour illustration from the drawing by
India - c1877 The Koutab, Delhi engraving from a periodical measures 25x39cm
India - c1900 He, She and The Cockatoo: A Tale of a Dust-Storm in India colour print measures
India - 1876-80 The Royal Visit to India: The Madras Club Ball original engraving The Illustrated
India - 1876 The Prince of Wales Visiting The Monkey Temple, Benares engraving sketched by one of
India - 1876 After The Arrival of the Prince of Calcutta original engraving a group of native
India - 1909 Marrying Dolls: A Mimic Wedding in the Zenana engraving India ladies conducting a
India - 1909 Undisturbed India: Celebrating the Birthday of a British Regiment engraving drawn by S.
India - With Hunter's Little Army at Fourteen Streams engraving Indian grooms round their Camp
India - India's Loyalty print 1916 drawn by Lionel Edwards, measures 28x40cm
India - 1899 A Frontier Episode: A Gallant Sowar saves an Officer from a Waziri Ambush engraving
India - 1907 His Highness Prince Ranjitsinghi in his Gorgeous Robes as Jam of Nawanagar print from
India - 1916 The New Viceroy of India Lord Chelmsford GCMG print from The Graphic measures 27x39cm
India - 1875 A Street In Bombay engraving from a sketch by our special artist measures 39x26cm
India - 1897 The Indian Frontier Rising: At the gate of Ali Musjid, the fort at the entrance of
India - The Imperial Durbar: the proclamation on New Year's Day 1903 print measures 28x28cm
Fine Indian Miniature painting gouache on ivorine 19th century depicts a prince with four female
Fine Indian Miniature painting gouache on ivorine 19th century depicts a large gathering within
India – S.G. Thakur Singh ‘Golden Temple, Amritsar’ Painting – Oil on Canvas, measures 60x45cm
India – MF Hussain Signed Artwork ‘Islam’ Signed 172/300 in Pencil to bottom, measures 53x76cm
India - Miniature Leaf from a Small Indian Koran Circa 1650s Has 17 lines of Black Naskh script,
North Indian Page From A Prayer Book Circa 1780s A 7 line text with interliner translation, thus
Claims Of The Indian Army On Indian Patronage, by An East Indian (Company) Proprietor 1852 A 54 page
The Chronicles of Budgepore Or Sketches Of Life In Upper India by Iltudus Prichard. 1893 - A 344
The Travel Handbook & Calendar. Summer 1911. By “Continental Travel Ltd” A 168 page Overseas
Wonderful India Book - Published by The Statesman and Times of India, Calcutta. Circa 1938. A
India – C1960s Sari in Silk beautifully designed featuring heart shaped designs, with golden
India / Persia – Kard Dagger the blade engraved with script, having a bone handle inlaid with semi-
India & Punjab – ‘The Sikh Quoits and How to Use It’ by F.R Lee 1906, original article in the
India – Types of the Indian Native Army Corps under the orders of the Government of India C1900,
India & Punjab – ‘The Tomb of Ranjit Singh, Lahore’ and ‘The Second; Tomb of Akbar, near Agra’
India & Punjab – ‘Heroes of Lucknow-Native Veterans who shared in the defence’ Photo Illustration
India & Punjab – ‘The Akali of the Sikhs’ Engraving from a drawing by Marshall Claxton 1857 measures
India & Punjab – ‘British India’ Coloured Map of India during the mutiny/rebellion, showing military
India & Punjab – ‘Lord Robert and his faithful orderly Dufadar’ Photo illustration from the Black
India & Punjab – Rare and Scarce ‘The Lucknow Begum’ (Begum Hazrat Mahal) 19th Century Indian
India & Punjab – Rare and Scarce ‘The Rajah of Benares (Kumar Sri Ishwari Prasad Nasayan Singh
India-Persia Manuscript with Miniature Paintings - a Persian manuscript with 10x Indian Miniatures
Unique Indian Miniature Painting Display formerly property of Colonel Frederick Aikman (1828-1888) a
1846 The Bombay Government Gazette Extraordinary published by Authority date Monday 2nd March,
India - A Leaf From An Illuminated Koran early 17th century on paper (260 x 165 mm.) There are ten
Sir Colin Campbell as General and Commander-in-Chief, East Indies, Document one page, oblong