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Toys, Collectables, Historical Documents & Indian Ephemera
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The Clive Pavilion, Ludlow Racecourse
Brimfield, Ludlow, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Toys, Collectables, Historical Documents & Indian Ephemera

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Mar 04, 2020 10:30 AM GMT
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Mar 05, 2020 10:00 AM GMT
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Mar 03, 2020 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM GMT
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India & Punjab – First Anglo Sikh War – Scarce volume of the Pictorial Times January to June
India & Punjab – ‘The Tomb of Ranjit Singh, Lahore’ and ‘The Second; Tomb of Akbar, near Agra’
India & Punjab – ‘Interior View of Srinager’ Engraving after a design by Koechlin-Swartz measures
India & Punjab – ‘Officers N.C.Os and Troopers, Queens Own Corp of Guides’ Photo illustration 1897
India Scientific Corps Photo illustrations ‘Queens Own Madras Sappers and Miners’ and ‘Bengal
India & Punjab – A Frontier Corps – ‘The 29th Baluch Infantry’ and ‘A Baluchi Burglar’ Photo
India & Punjab – ‘The 39th Dogras’ and ‘The Merwara Battalion’ Photo illustrations 1903 measure
India – ‘Bombay Sappers and Miners’ and ‘The 20th Madras Infantry’ Photo Illustrations 1902 and 1903
India – ‘Native Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Central India horse’ Photo Illustration 1897
Selection of India related Books to include Calcutta The Living City (2), Sikander Sahib, India’s
Hindoo Mythology Popularly Treated; Being an Epitomized Description of the Various Heathen Deities
Vizier Ali Khan Or The Massacre Of Benares Book A Chapter in British Indian History Published
Selection of India Related Books to include A Month in the Himalayas, Pedalling Through the Afghan
The Great Temple of Buddha Gaya Judgment by D J Macpherson Published by The Maha-Bodhi Society,
Rare Calcutta music sheet dedicated to Tagore’s grandfather Taza Ba Taza No Bu No – The Celebrated
What I Saw Of India And Its People by R. Lawson 1889 Book A 93 page book with fold out map.
The Highlands Of India 1882 Book By Major-General D. J. F. Newall - Strategically considered with
Narrative of a Journey Overland from England by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea,
The Kama Sutra Of Vatsyayana 1883 Book – Translated from the Sanscrit in seven parts with Preface,
Scenes And Sports In Foreign Lands Books illustrated with a series of drawings taken from nature -
Album Of View Of The Limbdi State 1915 - Rajkot: The Daulatsinghjee Art Works, N. K. Mehta, Photo-
Notes Of A Tour In India And Ceylon During The Winter Of 1888-89 Book By Helen C. Ford, London:
The Northern Barrier of India Book – A Popular Account Of The Jummoo And Kashmir Territories By
India & Punjab – 1902 ‘The 18th Bengal Lancers’ Photo Illustration (Formerly the 2nd Mahratta Horse,
India & Punjab – ‘The Commandant of the 18th Bengal Lancers’ Photo Illustration 1896 measures
India & Punjab – ‘15th Regiment of Bengal Infantry’ (The Ludhiana Sikhs) Photo Illustrations 1900
India & Punjab – ‘14th Sikhs’ Photo Illustration 1897 (Formerly the Ferozepur Regiment who served at
India & Punjab – 1875/76 ‘Arrival of the Prince of Wales at Lahore’ Large Engraving after William
India & Punjab – 1876 ‘The Prince of Wales at Delhi: The Chandry Chowk’ Engraving after William
India & Punjab – 1876 ‘The Royal Visit to India-Baroda: the State Elephants of the Guicowar drawn up
India & Punjab – 1876 ‘Arrival of the Prince of Wales at Jummoo, Cashmere’ Engraving after William
India & Punjab – 1876 ‘Grand Encampment of the Order of the Star of India at Calcutta’ Engraving
India & Punjab – ‘The Prince of Wales in India, Military Manoeuvres before Delhi – Charge of
India & Punjab – ‘The Prince of Wales Receiving the Survivors of the Defence of Lucknow’ Engraving
India & Punjab – 1876 ‘Native Soldiers Distinguished for Their Service’ Engraving after William
India & Punjab – ‘Sirdar Bahadur Nawab Gholam Hussein Khan C.S.I.’ Engraving after Sydney Hall,
India & Punjab – ‘Heroes of Lucknow-Native Veterans who shared in the defence’ Photo Illustration
30 - 50 GBP
India – ‘Princes and Chiefs of Western India’ Engraving 1878 with 36 portraits measures 53x36cm
India & Punjab – Two Engravings ‘Street and Bazaar in Peshawur’ from drawing by Mr W. Carpenter 1858
India – ‘Grand State Procession of the Nawa of Moorshedabad’ Engraving 1857 measures 54x37cm
India – ‘The Maneater at Bay’ Engraving by Specht 1881 measures 18x25cm approx., laid to card
India & Punjab – ‘Entry of the Governor-General of India into Peshawar’ Engraving 1870 measures
India & Punjab – ‘A Mon Secours Mon Brave Kubadar’ Artists Impression of battle during the Indian
India – ‘Types of Our Empires Defenders’ Lithographic Colour Print 1912 measures 40x28cm approx.,
India & Punjab – ‘The Akali of the Sikhs’ Engraving from a drawing by Marshall Claxton 1857 measures
India & Punjab – ‘The Rear of an Army on the March in India’ Woodblock Engraving measures 52x37cm
India: Its History, Climate, Productions by J. H. Stocqueler 1857 Book An interesting 219 page
Selections From the Records of the Bombay Government – 1855 ‘Memoirs’ - the thick volume has a total
Thoughts on the Policy of the Crown towards India 1859 Book By John Malcolm Ludlow, London: James
Impressions of British Life And Character On The Occasion Of A European Tour 1913 Book By Meherban
Sind Revisited: With Notices Of The Anglo-Indian Army; Railroads; Past, Present And Future, Etc.
Bluebeard; Or Fickle Fatima And The Fatal Key, An Old Story Written and Adapted as a Burlesque
A Handbook For India 1859 Book - Being An Account Of The Three Presidencies, And Of The Overland
Bandobast And Khabar Book 1888– Reminiscences of India By Colonel Cuthbert Larking, Illustrated with
The Neilgherries Book 1857 - including an account of their Topography, Climate, Soil &
The Neilgherry Hills 1832 Book - A Description Of A Singular Aboriginal Race Inhabiting The Summit
The Land Of The Five Rivers And Sindh – Sketches Historical and Descriptive Book 1883 By David Ross,
Gandhi Press Photograph ‘A souvenir hunter scoops ashes from the burning funeral pyre’, notes and
Gandhi Press Photograph ‘Gandhi’s funeral Pyre’ notes and press stamp to reverse, measures 20x18cm
Prime Minister Nehru of India and Mrs Kennedy Photograph with notes to reverse dated Nov 17 1961,