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Collectables, Historical Documents & Indian Antiquities
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Wall-Under-Heywood, Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Collectables, Historical Documents & Indian Antiquities

Auction dates
Oct 18, 2016 10:30 AM BST
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Oct 17, 2016 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM BST
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There are 561 lots within this auction
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Book Selection to include 1899 Johnston, W & A.K. 'The World-Wide Atlas of modern geography'
50 - 60 GBP
Assorted Book Selection to include 1948 The South and East African Year Book and Guide, 1953
'A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, A.D. 1697' Book by Maundrell, Henry. 5th edition,
'The Life of P.T. Barnum' 1855 Book written by Barnum, P.T. Published by Sampson Low & Son & Co, 47,
1852 'A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh' Book by Layard, Henry, Austin. Mesopotamia a
1891 'The Land of The Lion and The Sun' (Modern Persia) Book by Wills, C.J. edited by G.T.
1898 'The Masters of Mezzotint The Men and their work' Book by Alfred Whitman of the department of
1852 'The White Slave' Book by Hildreth. R a 235 page book published in London being an
1895 'Rambles In Japan' Book by Tristram, H.B. a very interesting and informative book about Japan
1848 'Excursions in North Wales' Book edited by John Hicklin of the Chester Courant. First
60 - 80 GBP
1924 'The Victory Of Sinn Fein' Book by P.S. O'Hegarty a first edition detailed 218 page with
25 - 35 GBP
1818 'A Tourists Companion To Ripon, Studley Park' and Nearby Places Book Printed and sold by T.
45 - 55 GBP
1848 'Chambers Birds' Book by J. M. Bechstein a detailed 394 page book with many illustrations
30 - 40 GBP
1789 'Travels In Switzerland' Book by William Coxe Member of the Imperial Oeconomical Society at
1834 'The Yorkshire Cattle Doctor & Farrier; A Treatise on the Diseases of Cattle, Calves & Horses
"Arctic Exploration 1824 'The Private Journal of Captain. G.F Lyon of H.M.S. Hecla, during The
170 - 180 GBP
1884 'In The Himalayas And On The Indian Plains' Book by C.F. Gordon Cumming, an extensive 608
1900 'Half Hours In The Wide West Over Mountains, Rivers and Prairies' Book a 340 page book with
1870 'Westward By Rail The New Route To The East' Book by W.F. Rae a 391 page book with one fold out
1895 'The Gurneys of Earlham' Vol I and II Books by A. Hare, 433 + 352 page book with 31 + 21
1826 'A Practical Treatise On Rail-Roads And Carriages' Book 'Chemins en Fer' by Thomas Tredgold,
1914 'Price List of Chemical Apparatus, Chemicals and Reagents' Trade Catalogue Baird & Tatlock
Unusual Napoleonic War Escape Book 'The Personal Narrative of The Escape of Edward Proudfoot
'Travels In The Interior Of Africa' Book by Mungo Park, Not dated circa 1820s. A 180 page book
1883 'America Illustrated' Book a large well illustrated 121 page picture book with over 60 fine
1886 'Australian Pictures' Book by Howard Willoughby. A large well illustrated 224 page picture book
"1784 'An Account Of The Music Performances In Westminster - Abbey And The Pantheon' May 26th, 27th,
"1823 'Rural Architecture of a Series of Designs for Ornamental Cottages' Book by P.F. Robinson,
280 - 320 GBP
1851 'The Railroad Book Of England' by Edward Churton. First Edition a large compendious 590 page
100 - 120 GBP
1798 'The History of The Town and Country of Kingston Upon Hill' Book by John Tickell, first
150 - 170 GBP
"1795 'A Journey Over Land to India' Book by Donald Campbell, First Edition London: Cullen and
1947 'The Quill' Book limited edition 549/1750 copies, selections from the Quill by Captain E.G.C.
1825 'Brazil and Buenos Ayres' Book The Modern Traveller a 340 page book with 5 Plates. Giving an
1830 'The New Zealanders' Book The Library of Entertaining Knowledge an extensive 424 page book
1852 'Life In Mexico During a Residence Of Two ears In That Country' Book by Madame Calderon, an
80 - 100 GBP
Arctic Exploration 1898 'With Ski & Sledge Over Arctic Glaciers' Book by Sir Martin Conway.
180 - 200 GBP
1844 'Notes and Sketches of New South Wales during a Residency In That Colony From 1839-1844' Book
1583 Latin 'History Of Scotland' Book by George Buchanan, 'Rerum Scoticarum Historia Ad Jacobum VI
1683 'The Wonders Of The Peak' Book by Charles Cotton. Written in heroic couplets, Cotton's was
200 - 240 GBP
1856 'Verbatim Report Of The Trial Of William Palmer' Book First Edition. The trial of the notorious
1854 'The Land Of The Veda' Book by Peter Percival. A 515 page book giving very interesting and
1814 'A Narrative of the Campaign In Russia' Book by Sir Robert Ker Porter. An interesting 434
'An Illustrated History Of The Russian Revolution' Books In 2 volumes. Text in English. Contributors
35 - 45 GBP
"1822 'Diary Of A Journey Overland through the Maritime Provinces of china from Manchao on the south
300 - 340 GBP
1854 'The Russian Shores Of The Black Sea In The Autumn Of 1852 With A Voyage Down The Volga, And
1765 'The Ancient History and Description Of The City of Exeter' Book Printed by and for Andrews and
1830 'The History & Description of the Town and Borough of Ipswich' Book First Edition. An extensive
Rare 1916 'Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook' Dublin: The Irish Times, 1917. Octavo, xvi, 286 pages.
160 - 180 GBP
Selection of William Shakespeare's Volumes Reprinted by Steevens 1766 previously owned by James
1,000 - 1,500 GBP
1890 'The Confessions of a Poacher' Book edited by John Watson and illustrated by James West,
1908 'The P&O Pocket Book' an extensive 272 page guide about all their ships of this shipping line
70 - 80 GBP
Scarce 1835 'The Tourists Companion From Leeds Thro' Selby to Hull by Railroad & Steam Packet'
130 - 150 GBP
1895 'A History of the Great Western Railway' Book being the story of the broad gauge by G.A. Sekon.
60 - 80 GBP
1649 'Mediations of The Devine Augustus' Book by Henry Samuel. Cologne 1649. First Edition. A
70 - 90 GBP
1863 'Handbook to the Severn Valley Railway' Illustrative and Descriptive of Places along the Line
Interesting Assorted German Book Selection to include Englands Verbrechen an U41, 1939 and 1940
80 - 100 GBP
1936 onwards German Magazines with contents covering the Olympic games, includes 'Berliner
Mortons Furniture Catalogue 'Furniture That's Good To Live With c.1890s-1910 a very fine and
100 - 120 GBP
C.1890-1910 Mann, Byars & Co. Glasgow House Furnishings In All its Branches Catalogue a very fine
3x Meccano Catalogues 1935 with 28 pages, 1936 with 16 pages & 2 Mid 1950s with 24 pages. Within the