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Internet Sale of Historical Documents, Autographs & Ephemera
Venue address
The Old Shippon
Church Stretton, Shropshire
United Kingdom
Internet Sale of Historical Documents, Autographs & Ephemera

Auction dates
Feb 04, 2014 11:00 AM GMT
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Rare signature of the King?s Champion ? Lewis Dymoke^ King?s Champion to George I and George II
65 GBP
Art and Artists ? Autograph ? William Cavendish^ 4th Duke of Devonshire document signed dated
380 GBP
Art and Artists ? Autograph ? William Cavendish^ 4th Duke of Devonshire document signed dated
220 GBP
Autograph ? Royalty ? Edward VIII fine photogravure image of the young Edward VIII showing him full
190 GBP
Royalty ? Autograph ? George V and Queen Mary a very fine pair of official portraits by Vandyk
300 GBP
Autographs ? Harry Truman^ US President fine portrait showing him hs looking seriously to his
380 GBP
Autographs ? Aviation - Jean Batten fine portrait showing her hs smiling looking to her front^
85 GBP
Ephemera ? c17th c printing plate ? a copy printing plate with two finely executed etched images ?
75 GBP
Ephemera ? Royalty ? Diana Princess of Wales fine collection of approx 60 photographs including
100 GBP
Rupert Brooke at Cambridge 1908 Literature ? two original albumen photographs showing members of
260 GBP
Brunel ? original share certificate for the Great Eastern ? an original share certificate in ?The
160 GBP
Crime and Punishment ? The Infamous affair of the Murder of William Weare ? Australia. The Fatal
40 GBP
Photographs ? pre-Revolution Russia fine group of approx 34 cabinet style photographs showing
170 GBP
Photographs ? Russia fine group of approx 17 c de v style photographs c1870s mainly portraits taken
160 GBP
Polar ? Antarctic ? Captain Scott fine group of approx seven consecutive editions of The Times^
85 GBP
Duke of Marlborough original copper engraved print by John Bowles celebrating the victories of
25 GBP
Culinary ?  a good collection of approx 100 individual culinary receipts (ie recipes)^ each written
75 GBP
Autograph ? Anton Lang^ legendary performer at the Oberammergau Passion Play postcard sized
20 GBP
Ephemera ? early 19th c sketchbook ? original art a good example of an early 19th c sketchbook
28 GBP
Photographs ? a voyage to Australia 1904 good album featuring approx 42 snapshots taken during a
180 GBP
Autographs ? politics group of three signed photographs of former political leaders including Hosni
30 GBP
Motoring ? the 1923 Montreux Rally fine postcard photograph of the participants in the 1923
75 GBP
Aviation ? Amy Johnson three original snapshot photographs^ each approx. 9x6cm^ the first showing
100 GBP